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 Price list

2024 Price increase for boarding.

50.00 per night.

Must be an active daycare client. Active daycare client comes at least once a week.

Since Kelly's Upscale Puppy is the only true in home care in Whatcom county, we needed to make changes to the amount of pups we take. We want your pup to always feel safe, secure and surrounded by the same friends they see each day at daycare. So we added one requirement-they must be an active daycare client. We understand this is a big change to our current business model, but your pups experience with us, is our main priority. Your pup will enjoy spending the night on our furniture with their best friend.

Standard Pricing

2024 Pricing


Daycare -   $25.00 per day

We will not longer offer half- days. Your pup can spend 1-12 hours with us M-F and the price will be the same.

Boarding -50.00 per night and includes daycare.

Spa services are available upon requests. We charge 60.00 per hour for grooming. This is hands on grooming, not time spent in the salon. We can only give you an estimate on the price over the phone based on other breeds we groom. Final charge is based on size, coat shape and temperament. 

Bath includes - nails, ears, sanitary clean up, paw pads trimmed and clean up around face.

Additional Service

We will no longer charge extra for medication in pill or liquid form.

5.00 extra for all injections per day.

Introducing multiple dog discounts for boarding only.

Dog 1     50.00 night standard pricing

Dog 2+   10% off standard pricing

Space is limited especially around the holidays, so be sure to book months in advanced.

Once space is reserved for your pet(s) it is yours.


2 weeks or more prior to reserved dates-One night stay will be charged

Less than 2 weeks prior to reserved dates- Two nights stay

Less than 1 week prior to reserved dates - Three nights stay

Day before or day of reserved dates- you will be charged up to one week

So please be sure to cancel any reservation well in advance so that another puppy won't have to be turned away  And you won't be charged for not cancelling in time...

Payment Methods

I currently except cash, checks, credit cards, venmo and paypal.

Scheduling Policy


When scheduling boarding for your pet you are reserving a place within our home..if you cancel within 1 week you will be charged for one day of boarding, if you cancel less than 24 hours before you can still be charged for the entire booking. (Sorry but space is limited)


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