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Boarding, Daycare and Grooming

Upscale Puppy provides a true home experience in our home.  We don't have any kennels in the house and the only crates we have are the ones our client brings for their pet.  We even offer a service that no other place does...opportunity to sleep with us in bed....where can you find a boarding facility that offers that !

Daycare -
Do you need to go shopping for the day, or perhaps a ski trip to Mt. Baker, even a trip to a doctors office.  If you need to go somewhere or do something just for the day, don't leave your pet at home.  Spoil them with a play day.!


At Kelly's Upscale Puppy your dog will play to their hearts content with other puppies their own size.  It is a great way to keep your dog socialized and even better that they go home so worn out from play, they sleep for two days! 


Upscale puppies lounging on our bed. The
Boarding (small dogs under 20lbs)


Kelly's is unique in that she is truly the only in home boarding facility in the Northwest.  Upscale puppy has no Kennels, so all of the dogs find a place to rest alongside other dogs, sharing beds, couches and chairs throughout the house, never locked away by themselves..


Have you ever seen a dog boarding facility offer their own bed for other dogs to sleep in?  (One of Kelly's special services)

On more than one occasion she has had so many dogs in bed with her that her husband had no room to sleep!.


Due to our unique business model we can only accommodate up to 5 dogs at a time. Please BOOK early if you would like your pet to be a guest. 



Even with 2 groomers on staff, we ask that our clients be on a 4-8 week grooming schedule that is set up in advance. This ensures your pup is always looking their best. We are currently booked out 6 weeks for new clients.

Grooming is my first love. We do one on one grooming. What does this mean you ask. It means that your dog gets undivided attention and is groomed straight through. While waiting, your dog spends the rest of the time in our kitchen or on the couch in my salon. Did I mention that regular clients receive complimentary daycare on groom days. Your dog has fun and then has their spa time. The perfect day. 

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