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Unfortunately Kelly can't take every pet that wants to come here.  They have to meet certain requirements.


Since Kelly's Upscale Puppy is her home Kelly has to be selective so she only accepts small dogs.  They must be less than 20 pounds and need to fit through a small doggie door. (They get to go in and out as they please so it is important that they can squeeze through the little door.)


Your puppy must have a good temperament.  They will be around other dogs of their size and they need to get along.  The safety of your pet is the most important aspect of Kelly's Upscale Puppy.  If you are not sure, a temperament test will be performed during the interview process.

Medical Records

Current Medical records and current with flea treatment is necessary.

Kelly wants to protect your pet and others so their health and safety is a big concern and we keep a close watch on all dogs that come to Upscale Puppy. 


Before your puppy can stay at Kelly's Upscale Puppy, there is an interview with Kelly.  During the interview we learn of your dogs health and habits.  What they need during their stay and if you have any special requests.  Once we see that your puppy is a good candidate for our home we will have you sign some consents giving permission to treat or take your dog for medical treatment if needed.

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