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We share our home with your fur-buddies

This is our home and its your pampered dogs home too. My mission is to be their extended family while you are away.  We don't use kennels or crates, unless upon request.  Your dog will have free run of our home although they usually are hanging out with me in the office, kitchen or out in our interactive play yard. I have an abundance of dog beds, blankets and sweaters to ensure your baby is warm and comfortable while in my care. During the day, your baby will participate in our daycare and play with other small dogs. I will always keep an eye out for a sleepy dog and will find a quite place with a dog bed and blanket for them to rest.

Upscale puppies lounging on our bed. The
Watching TV at Upscale puppy. No kennels
Big dogs thinking they are little. I wil
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